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Medical Equipment

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Magical Mineral Mist is a type of water that does not contain any chemical ingredient or drugs.Can be used as skin, face & eyes protection.It's drinkable and rich in high quality trace elements and minerals composition.Effective to prevent free radicals, speed up metabolism, act as an anti aging properties such as brighten face and skin and most importantly improve eyes related diseases.Replace products that contains any drugs ingredient. Let your eyes be free from harmful drugs side effects.


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Khang Shen Herbs Pearl Mug, which made from different kinds of natural materials such as tourmaline,maifan srone, fluorite,pearl powder and so on.This mug emits the far infrared rays and anion function to produce healthy alkaline water.Far infrared rays, also called reproduction rays or health rays,make people retain heart in their body and able to active cells by vibrating water molecules.In addition ,Anions are also called air-home vitamins.Anions rebalance the ions in the human body and make people feel relaxed both physically and mentally.