Get TCM Physicians Online

Bai Zi Gui provides the largest consultative platform in Malaysia for TCM practitioners, and is committed to introducing to web users TCM physicians from different countries and with various specialisations. Our resident TCM consultant will be able to recommend the most suitable specialist for you.

We are committed to opening up markets for our partner TCM physicians by providing free online and offline advertising. This is done through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media advertising online, and also frequent participation in exhibitions and other events where we seek to introduce our partner TCM physicians to industry insiders and the public, expanding their clientele.

Besides enjoying these advertising services as our partner, you can also utilise our online platform to create custom prescriptions for your own customers without having to worry about how to store large quantities of Chinese herbs. At the same time, your customers will also get to enjoy our VIP membership for free, and you shall receive a commission payback every time your customers make a purchase on our website with their VIP Member Card.

Currently, Bai Zi Gui has partnered with TCM physicians across the nation. Our aim is to become the largest online storage facility for TCM practitioners, reduce the operating and advertising costs of our partners' clinics so that together we can achieve the objective of promoting the culture of TCM.

If you are a TCM practitioner who shares our beliefs in providing ethical service, please get in touch with Bai Zi Gui so that we can help solve your concerns regarding the advertising of your clinic services and storage of your TCM goods, and free you to concentrate on your primary task – to provide the best possible treatment for your patients.

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