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Bio Delta Kacip Fatimah Capsule traditionally used for Balance hormones, improve the body's vitality, relieve menstruation; reduce the production of pigmentation and chloasma, make women's skin delicate, smooth, firm; postpartum recovery Body, it can enhance the muscle contraction of the pelvis (to prevent uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence due to production), and has a very good effect on restoring the feeling of “tightening” of women's austerity; it can also relieve fatigue. Improve menopausal conditions (sleep disturb, nervousness, irritability).

60s X 100mg

Expired Date: OCT 2020
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Bio Delta Dendrobium Officinale Capsule traditionally used to delay aging, anti-fatigue, improve memory, enhance resistance; improve sleep, prevent colds; treat loss of appetite, lower blood sugar; relieve visual fatigue and other diseases.

60s X 300mg