List of products by brand VLeaf

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V-Wisteria is formulated from the combination of natural plant extract and fresh fruit essence. The product is enhanced with high antioxidant to keeps skin hydrated and glowing.

75g (5g X 15 Sachets)

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V Prune is made only from the California,USA highest quality prune.Prune are an excellent source of dietary fiber(souble and insoluble fiber),rich in Beta carotene,Vitamin B,Vitamin C,K,minerals(Potassium Calcium and Iron). V Prune contain high level of unique phytonitrients antiocidants called neochlorogenic and chlorgenic acid and the beta carotene. Thus, prunes deliver more than twice the antioxidant capaciy as blueberries and raisins.

Net weight 10.58oz (300 Grams)