Always catch a cold? Beware of the Rhinitis

Always catch a cold? Beware of the Rhinitis

Are you the one that catch a cold easily? Do you often sneeze and running nose more that the others?

Then, you must be aware that you might have rhinitis. 

Do you know what is rhinitis?Rhinitis is an irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose. The common symptoms include stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing. Some might also experience olfactory failure. So, as you can see,  we shall not ignore the power of rhinitis.

According to research, there is one person who have this problem in a group of five. There are many types of rhinitis such as infection rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, rhinitis medicamentosa and many more. Different types of rhinitis have their own characteristic. If rhinitis doesn’t get heal over some time, it will turn to chronic rhinitis easily. So, it is important to treat rhinitis as earlier as possible.

Have you heard about tiger milk mushroom?

Tiger milk mushroom, known as sclerotia lignosus rhinocerus is one of herbs that have been proven effective to threat rhinitis. 

Tiger milk mushroom has been shown effective in healing diseases of the lung and respiratory systems such as chronic cough, respiratory problems, as well as rhinitis. 

The medicinal value of the tiger milk mushroom is the sclerotium. TruHerbs Tiger Milk Mushroom only uses the sclerotium part as medicine. So, it is more effective and beneficial to our body compare to the others.

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