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The Oat B50 is the perfect addition to your daily diet. It offers many health benefits, including the ability to improve blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels, while lowering blood pressure and protecting LDL cholesterol from oxidation. This oat also contains prebiotic inulin which is essential for improving your gut health, digestion, and helps to absorb nutrients. In addition, as a healthy source of fibre and protein, this oat will help you to feel fuller for longer whilst also helping you to burn fat.

450g/ Tin

Blood cholesterol improvement, Blood sugar regulation, Blood pressure control, LDL cholesterol protection, Prebiotic inulin, Fiber-rich, Protein-rich, Daily diet addition, Nutritional supplement, Oatmeal

MYR87.00 -10%
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Golden Meal K2 Plus+ is specially formulated with MenaQ7™ Clinically Proven & PATENT Active Ingredient 'Vitamin K2' to help our body to utilize calcium, dual protein formula (Org. Soybean Powder (Peeled); Non-GMO Pea Protein Powder) as essential for grown and development of body tissues, rich in carbohydrates (Isomaltulose+Cereal Flakes) to prolong satiety and provide high energy level, MCT Oil C8+C10, 29 types Vitamins and Minerals, and Prebiotic Inulin helps to increase intestinal bifidobacteria and maintain a good intestinal environment. 

600g (40g X 15 sachets)

Calcium utilization, Dual protein formula, Gut health, Carbohydrates for satiety, Prebiotic inulin, Intestinal bifidobacteria, Good intestinal environment, Daily nutrients replenishment, High-quality protein

MYR75.00 -10%
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Beaut 3 plus is a vegan beauty superfood drink featuring exclusive functional formula with active ingredients, combine with high antioxidants from avocado, beetroot and pomegranate, with Omega 3 & 6 and marine algae calcium plus prebiotic Inulin, provide curative effect to help regulate irregular menstrual cycles; lighten dark spots and boost immunity and anti-inflammatory effect, promote the growth of good bacteria, improve gut health.

600g/ Tin

Vegan beauty superfood drink, Marine algae calcium, Prebiotic inulin, Respiratory infections, Gut health, Diabetic-friendly

MYR88.00 -10%
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Quinoa Enzyme Milk is a non-daily beverage that combines the goodness of Organic Triple Colour Quinoa (white, red, and black quinoa) merge with 24 multi-grains, Organic Soymilk, Sunflower oil powder, and Marine Algae Calcium and Prebiotic Inulin to deliver optimal benefits. Top up with Multiple Digestive Enzyme Complex to help enhance nutrient absorption and reduce indigestion problems. Additional add- on nutritional yeast with B-Vitamins which is often deficient in vegetarians.

600g/ Tin

Multi-grains, Digestive Enzyme Complex, High-quality plant-based proteins, Diabetic-friendly, Hypertension management, Cholesterol management, Vegetarian-friendly, Health-conscious adults

MYR139.00 -10%
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SODB17 Plus is an unique blend of superfoods including 24 types multigraon, mixed berries, pomegranate and beetroot powder that deliver optimal nutritional benefits to you at all times. Added with melon fruit concentrate, grape seed extract, pine bark extract and pomegranate extract naturally contains OPC (oligomeric-proanthocyanidins) to further support your overall well-being.

600g/ Tin

Anti-wrinkle, Skin elasticity, Minimize wrinkles, Skin brightening, Skin hydration, Collactive collagen, Extramel SOD, Multigrain drink, Nutritional supplement