List of products by brand Iyashino

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Activ 100 traditionally used to improve nocturnal polyuria (wake up at night for urination), help promote urinary tract health, support normal kidney function.


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Iyashino Thromboles Suitable for people with high cholesterol, hypertension, stroke recovery, and those who are perceived at risk of getting Stroke, Heart Attack, and DVT (Deep-Vein Thrombosis)

60 chewable tablets (600mg x 60 chews)

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Mama-Cares Natural Calcium Cleaner is a food additive product that has met the standard of FDA safety testing and guideline for human.It is a 100% natural, fast and effective fruits and vegetables cleaner for removing pesticide residue and 99.9% of harmful bacteria.Mama-Cares bringing you the next generation family healthcare products.


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IYASHINO Tamagosamin Containing World’s first iHA – a revolutionary ingredient that discovered from the eggs. Tamagosamin can effectively help to reduce joint pain and improve joint mobility.

300mg X 90 Tablets (per bottle)