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V Prune is made only from the California,USA highest quality prune.Prune are an excellent source of dietary fiber(souble and insoluble fiber),rich in Beta carotene,Vitamin B,Vitamin C,K,minerals(Potassium Calcium and Iron). V Prune contain high level of unique phytonitrients antiocidants called neochlorogenic and chlorgenic acid and the beta carotene. Thus, prunes deliver more than twice the antioxidant capaciy as blueberries and raisins.

30 sachets X 10g/ Box

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V-8enz allows you to reach the inner conditioning, external beautiful, keep young, beautiful youth, blooming glory.It is indeed a delicious and convenient powdery drinks, add water, washed with a sweet and sour taste, so you easily continue to enjoy the food and enjoy the "thin."

V-8 enz 
16 / sachets x 1000mg