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After 25 (when aging begins), Skin degradation leads to various skin afflictions, such as skin dryness, dull, nonelastic, dark eye circles, eye bags, enlarged pores, wrinkle lines, fine lines, stubborn scars, cracked heels and so on. Therefore, we need to choose the best and the most suitable products for our skincare. Product formula with sakura flower extract from Japan is the best anti-glycation, whitening, prevention on melanin production, anti-aging’s product.

2 Bottles x 30’s

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V-Wisteria is formulated from the combination of natural plant extract and fresh fruit essence. The product is enhanced with high antioxidant to keeps skin hydrated and glowing.

75g (5g X 15 Sachets)

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NATURELLE SERIES Collagène is an easy-absorption supplement for production of collagen. This beauty supplement specially formulated with the ideal amount of natural key ingredients of Labisia Pumila, Quercus Infectoria Extract, Mirifica Extract, Lobata Extract, Lobata Extract and Soy Isoflavones. 

15 sachets X 5g