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Herbal Decoction

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Migraine is known as vascular neuropathic headache, which is a common sub-health symptom. This prescription is provided by the old Chinese Medicine Lee Kong Piew. It has been proven over 40 years to effectively relieve migraine symptoms.

3 packs

Decoction one pack weekly, consume for 5 weeks.

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Patients with hyperthyroidism are mainly due to insufficient qi and yin, liver disorders, sputum occlusion, and tumor accumulation. Yi Qi Yang Yin medicine reuses astragalus, which has unique advantages in treating hyperthyroidism. The material is rich in iodine, which can appropriately increase the concentration of thyroxine in the blood, thereby inhibiting the pituitary gland and reducing the secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone, which can control salient eyes and goiter.

3 Packs

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Here's three type of epidemic prevent decoctions which it recommended by our TCM for you prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

Apricot Kernel Mixing Decoction ( Fever Relief )

Minor Bupleurum Decoction ( Immunity Booster )

Yangyin Qingfei Decoction ( Nourishing Lung Soup )