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Menstrual Care - Bai Zi Gui

Menstrual Care

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Byco MENSTRA contains natural ingredients which penetrate into affected area to soonthe stomach muscles .It provides a strong and immediate warm and cooling effect and long lasting penetration to the affected areas. MENSTRA does not contain any chemicals or perfumes but natural aroma scents .

Byco MENSTRA does not contain any chemicals or perfumes but natural aoma acents.


MYR80.00 -10%
Available in Malaysia Only
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Eu Yan Sang Suz Plus With Orange is a specially formulated from Radix Angelicae sinensis, Rhizoma Chunxiong, Fructus Jujubae and other selected herbs, Suz improves women's well-being by regulating their physiological functions and promoting metabolism. Added with Rhizoma Polygonati and Lingzhi Mycelium to nourish the lungs, spleen and kidneys in addition to replenishing energy.

6 bottle(s) x 50ml

MYR612.00 -25%
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ADORE.U Estrolica Traditionally Used for Women's Health

Cynanchum wilfordii, Phlomis umbrosa and Angelica gigas were chosen for the highest estrogenic activity from 71 different herbal extracts. These three herbs have long history of medicinal use and being described in the classic book on Korean traditional medicine called Dongeui Bogam (Principles and Practices of Eastern Medicine). The combination of these three herbal roots is found to have synergistic effect on relieving of menopausal symptoms. Pinus Massoniana in Adore.UT Estrolica plays an important role in reducing the oxidative stress in our body and prevent premature ageing.

30 Vegecapsules

(3 X 10 Blister Packs)

MYR398.00 -5%
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Women’s Best Companion Realign Body, Mind & Soul with

Femoire Novia is a natural formulation restores balance in women’s physical, mental & reproductive health- while bringing back pleasure and satisfaction.

60 Capsules/ Bottle

Novia Feminine Health Supplement, Women's Wellness Formula, Natural Hormonal Balance, Support for Menstrual Health, Promote Hormonal Harmony, Women's Reproductive Health, Enhance Fertility and Vitality, Holistic Support for Women, Nourish Your Feminine Wellbeing

MYR398.00 -12%
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ISOduce is made with all-natural ingredients led by soy isoflavones, kacip fatimah, manjakani extract and mirifica extract and strengthened with soy powder, oat powder, silk amino acid and elderflower powder.

ISOduce is a supplement for women's hormone system. Women's hormones especially estrogen are closely linked with their reproductive health and emotional well-being.

20 Sachets / Box

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