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Blood Nourishing

It is said in Chinese medicine that blood is a denser form of qi; qi gives life and movement to blood, but blood is what nourishes the organs that produce the qi.  Thus, like yin and yang, one cannot be without the other.

Blood deficiency is a very common condition to which women in particular are especially prone to.  Since women lose blood on a regular monthly basis, if it is not sufficiently regenerated through a healthy nutrient dense diet and proper rest, this deficiency can easily develop.And although women are more prone to blood deficiency than men, men that continuously overexert themselves with work and stress and do not take in enough good nutrition can develop blood deficiency as well.The symptoms of blood deficiency which are extreme fatigue,weakness,pale skin,chest pain, fast heartbeat or shortness of breath,headache, dizziness ,cold hands and feet,Inflammation or soreness of your tongue,brittle nails.That's why, our TCM products play important for help nourishing your blood.

Product Expired Date: 23 Jan 2022
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ACE Cordyceps Sinensis traditionally used to invigorate vital energy, reduce phlegm, relieve cough and promote general well being.

100's X 350mg

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BZG Goddess Women Nourishing Tea has the effect of nourishing qi and blood. Traditionally used to improve sallow complexion, dysmenorrhea, and irregular menstruation caused by insufficient qi and blood. Besides, it has the effect of whitening skin, which can eliminate toxins and wastes deposited in the body, promote cell metabolism throughout the body, accelerate blood circulation, and make the skin more youthful. 

3 Sachets/Pack

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BZG Beauty Nourishing Tea traditionally used for refresh and nourish your skin from the inside out. The combination of these flower tea can help improve skin complexion, whitening the skin, regulate body’s hormone and anti-aging. It also help in regulate period cycle.

3 Sachets/Pack

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Snow White Soup traditionally used for reconciling qi and blood and regulating the five internal organs, thereby whitening skin tone and removing spots.

Beauty Whitening Soup traditionally used for whitening, nourishing the skin and replenishing qi.

4 Sachets

*Purchases ready-to-drink instant decoction (14 packs for 7 days) medicine package, get free consultation session(1 time) from Baizigui TCM - Ai Wen. (Please contact us within 24 hours after placed order if consultant needed| Hotline Number: 0129419909) We Help you to understand your body based on your physique health. Then prescribe tailored made decoction formula most suitable for you.

*Note: Package only for West Malaysia. If you have any questions, please contact Baizigui customer service

MYR178.00 -28%
Available in Malaysia and Singapore only | For Singapore customers: Limited to 10 packs per order
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BaiZiGui Instant Ba Zhen King was developed especially for many women who are affected by menstrual related problems affecting their daily schedule.

Suitable for Vegetarian 

Purchase 20 Packs BaiZiGui Instant Ba Zhen King, Get a Cartoon Double-Layer High Borosilicate Glass Mug(worth RM39.90) for FREE.

160ml +-/ bag 

Available in Malaysia and Singapore only

For Singapore customers: Limited to 10 packs per order

MYR13.90 -10%
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Honeysuckle is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory herb that clears internal heat and relieves toxicity. It's also effective against acne, because of its ability to inhibit bacterial growth. Teasenz is proud to present you the highest quality wild grown honeysuckle (Lonicera Japonica) with a refreshing aftertaste, handpicked by our tea masters.