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RH Wellness

MYR420.00 -10%
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RH Wellness Bird's Nest is desirability fragrant and rich in protein with an exceptionally smooth and translucent texture. Every piece is a whole-piece bird’s nest meticulously cleaned by hand, ready to be double-boiled and made into any fine delicacy. For youthful exuberance, savour this bird’s nest regularly.

100g / Box Or 50g/ Box

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Natural antibiotics – RH Stingless bee Propolis (10ml) is a resinous mixture of plant sap and secretions released by stingless bee (also known as Kelulut). As young stingless bees are sensitive to bacterias and viruses, propolis used to seal and defend bee hives from bacteria. Thus, propolis contains all 16 amino acids, flavonoids, vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

MYR460.00 -43%
Available in Malaysia & Singapore only
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Pure natural honey without any additives containing more enzymes, in addition to promoting the body & cell metabolism, other sugar products do not have special features, and the rest of the ingredients include trace elements and Such as protein, high nutritional value, 10 times higher than other honey. Silver honey contains 16 amino acids (Asid Amino), glucose, vitamins (A / B / C / D / E), bio flavones (Bioflavanoid) and minerals.

It is infused in propolis and undergone a natural fermentation process that gives a unique and distinctive flowerish aroma with a sour taste.