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RUTINA is a groundbreaking eye care formula rich in VITAMIN P (RUTIN) from MytiPro® Wild Organic Bilberry Extract and Rutina® Juniper Berry Extract, a first in Southeast Asia. With antioxidant capacity exceeding Vitamin E and C, it fortifies delicate blood vessels around the eyes and brain. Utilizing the innovative Natural Protein Peptide Delivery System (NDS), it effectively repairs eye muscle damage due to blue light, protects the retina, enhances night vision, and is clinically proven to improve vision in just 4 weeks.

3.5g x 30 sachets 

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Iyashino Mireeca stem cells drink support your skins’ health and beauty with plants’ stem cells. Try Mireeca today for wonderful effects!

8gm X 30' Sachets 

Anti-aging drink, Skin rejuvenation, Collagen enhancement, Wrinkle reduction, Stem cell therapy for skin

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GUANKE a product by dedicated research team from Chinese Centre for Disease Control & Prevention Academician Xu Jian Guo & his team. It stimulates the proliferation of T cells and B cells production (Immune response cells). Both T & B cells circulate freely in blood & lymph. B cells produce antibodies, while T cells block and kill Viral infected cells.

18 Sachets/ Box

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Iyashino DRC Vitamin C Tablets is a premium immune system building supplement. DRC is in its wholefood form which consists of patented Tangerine C-Plus® , Acerola Cherry, Sea Buckthorn Bioflavonoids. It uses exclusive Natural Delivery System (NDS) to concentrate nutrients in Protein peptide carrier and thereby deliver specific nutrient to cells.

1 bottles x 60 chewable tablets 

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Iyashino Thromboles Suitable for people with high cholesterol, hypertension, stroke recovery, and those who are perceived at risk of getting Stroke, Heart Attack, and DVT (Deep-Vein Thrombosis)

60 chewable tablets (600mg x 60 chews)

MYR276.00 -28%
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Mama-Cares Natural Calcium Cleaner is a food additive product that has met the standard of FDA safety testing and guideline for human.It is a 100% natural, fast and effective fruits and vegetables cleaner for removing pesticide residue and 99.9% of harmful bacteria.Mama-Cares bringing you the next generation family healthcare products.


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IYASHINO Tamagosamin Containing World’s first iHA – a revolutionary ingredient that discovered from the eggs. Tamagosamin can effectively help to reduce joint pain and improve joint mobility.

300mg X 90 Tablets (per bottle)