ZaoKang Organic Goji Puree Essence Drink

ZaoKang Organic Goji Puree Essence Drink

ZaoKang Organic Goji Puree Essence Drink Made up of organic fresh goji berry fruits, 100% pure concentrated form without adding water.

30ml X 10 sachets

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ZaoKang Organic Goji Puree Essence Drink Made up of organic fresh gojiberry fruits, 100% pure concentrated form without adding water

  • 100% made from goji berry fruits
  • 100% organic, without the use of chemical fertilizations
  • 100% do not contain any preservative, coloring, fragrance and water mixture
  • 100% pure and rich


Rich in Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.

And lycium barbarum polysaccharide, lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene, etc. have a good antioxidant effect, especially against skin problems such as dullness, pigmentation, dryness, wrinkles caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Fatty Liver Relieve

Rich in Lycium polysaccharide and betaine

And lycium barbarum polysaccharide and betaine can improve fatty liver and relieve various symptoms caused by abnormal liver function by improving the metabolic function of the liver.

Boost immunity

Rich in wolfberry polysaccharides

And lycium barbarum polysaccharide can improve the body's immunity. It can not only enhance the resistance to infectious diseases such as common cold and influenza due to insufficient resistance, but also reduce the inability to reduce autoimmunity such as malignant tumors. Probability of various diseases caused by timely removal of diseased cell tissue.

Our Goji Berry originated from the Ningxia, Zhongning, deemed to have health preservation effect:

  • Relieve fatigue
  • Liver protection after drinking
  • tonic to stay up late
  • tonic / post menstrual tonic
  • Protect the eyes
  • Stabilise blood sugar, blood cholesterol level and blood pressure
  • Provide immune system support
  • Prevent liver damage
  • Improve depression, anxiety, and sleep
  • Have hematopoietic effect which can improve anemia condition
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Nourish kidney "qi"

How to eat: drink immediately, shake before opening, please drink as soon as possible after opening the bottle, the taste of refrigerated is better

Daily Care: Take 1 bag a day, Before Meals

For children over 6 years old: Take 1 bag every 2 days.

For improve the quality of sleep: Take 1 bag 2 hours before sleep.

For Always Drunk: Take1 bag before drinking to protect your liver.

For people who easy feel hot: Take drink 1 bag a day and recommend drink more of water after consume.

For people who take medicine or health care products: After took medicine half an hour, consume Organic Goji Puree Essence Drink.

Suitable for :  People who Overnight, have low physical resistance, sub-healthy people, postpartum mothers, diabetes, fatty liver, alcoholic liver, early recovery from serious illness, patients with hepatitis

Ingredient : Lycium barbarum polysaccharide

Pure natural organic planting, without any addition, 0 preservatives, 0 additives! 0 Pesticide residues

30ml X 10 sachets

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ZaoKang Organic Goji Puree Essence Drink

ZaoKang Organic Goji Puree Essence Drink

ZaoKang Organic Goji Puree Essence Drink Made up of organic fresh goji berry fruits, 100% pure concentrated form without adding water.

30ml X 10 sachets

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