Hiew Seng Kee 邱承基医师

Hiew Seng Kee 邱承基医师

Since graduating in 2003 from China’s Heilongjiang University, he came under the tutelage of TCM physician Professors in Heilongjiang in clinical studies. TCM Hiew interviewed by Astro in a TCM programme related to wellness medicine. And he has been in the TCM business for over a decade. His resume includes being a volunteer physician, and 3 years’ experience as TCM physician at TAIPEI TCM MEDICAL CENTRE. In 2008 he set up his own TCM clinic at Cheras Permaisuri, specializing in commonly seen diseases especially spinal disorders, paediatric colds and coughs, skin conditions such as Eczema, urticarial as well as physical conditioning using TCM methods, etc.


Expertise in the treatment of :
Internal Medicine: Coughs, cold, digestive disorders, endocrinal disorders)
Acupuncture :Neurological disorders, such as spinal diseases)
Dermatology : Eczema, urticaria
Pediatrics : Coughs, colds, digestive disorders

Experience :
1.KL Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (KLATCM)
2.Graduated from Heilongjiang China University of Chinese Medicine, MBChB
3.Servered as volunteer TCM at charity association

  • Medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Acupuncture


Opening Hours

12pm to 8pm
12pm to 8pm
12pm to 8pm
12pm to 8pm
12pm to 8pm
12pm to 7pm


21, Jalan Sri Permaisuri 9, Bandar Permaisuri Cheras
51600 W.P Kuala Lumpur


[email protected]