Conforer Herbal Prescriptions

Conforer Herbal Prescriptions

*Conforer Herbal Prescriptions

1) Diseases of Respiratory System

conforer prescription1

2) Diseases of Nervous System, Women Ailments, Hypertension & Diseases of Immunity System

conforer prescription2

3) Skin, Rheumatism or Arthritis, Diseases of Endocrine System

conforer prescription3

4) Diseases of Circulatory System, Ophthalmology, Otology & Laryngology 

conforer prescription3

5) Diseases of Urinary & Reproduction System, Heart Diseases, Cancer 

conforer prescription5

6) Cancer, Tumour & others diseases 

conforer prescription6

7) Diseases of Digestive System

conforer prescription7* Please consult your pharmacist/doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

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