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ERA Golden Tulip Premium Chrysanthemum Tea traditionally used for aid in recovery from influenza, acne and as a "cooling" herb and prevent of sore throat.

Net Weight: 2gm X 15 pyramid teabag X 1 canister

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Era Ding Xian Ali Bak Kut Teh Soup Spices,Bak-kut-teh is a herbal soup dish developed in Malaysia among Hokkien immigrant communities. It is popularly thought to have originated in Klang. Bah Kut Teh popularly served in Malaysia and Singapore, where there is a predominant Hokkien community.

Net weight: 18gm X 4pkt

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Combination of Black Tongkat Ali and Puer Black Tea.

It helps balance hormone in turn enhancing libido, fertility and testosteron level.

Tongkat Ali also proven to improve blood circulation, energy and immune system too.

20 sachets

Available in Malaysia & Singapore Only
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Era Bentong Ginger jujube Tea is using special selected ginger that grown in pristine mountainous area situated at Bukit Tinggi,Bentong,Pahang Malaysia. Bentong ginger contains higher gingerol among others.With its unique affluence spice content;it is also name as the 'King of Ginger'. Era Bentong Ginger Jujube Tea made a tasty, aromatic tea and making it the ideal beverage for young and old,especially physical deficiency,pale face and poor digestive system.This recipe helps to promote blood and qi circulation,therefore best for prenatal and postpartum women.


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ERA VCO Massage Oil (Rose) has variety of formulations to select for different of health needs such as sedation,improve sleep,mood boosting,regulating endocrine,stimulate blood circulation and so on. The unique formulation of ERA VCO Massage Essential Oil deliver full comprehensive physical and mentally of health and beauty!

Weight: 65ml