List of products by brand eosungcho

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EOSUNGCHO Spray Traditionally used for:

  • Skin problems eg. Dry & itchy skin, Pimples & acnes
  • Fungal infected skin eg. Athlete’s foot
  • Insect bites & Stings 
  • Contains more than 50% Eosungcho herb extract
  • Safe for newborns & children
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Persimmon Leaf Tea is a refreshing health tea product made from the finest organic persimmon leaves;rich in vitamin C content and free caffeine,excellent for whole family. The persimmon leaves used are grown organically at Woon-Jang mountain in south korea,surrounded with fresh air and clean water supply.The persimmon leaves are processed through eco-friendly and natural way;only the finest young leaves are being selected and steamed carefully in order to separate any impurities from the tea leaves.

3g x 20 sachets

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Jang Saeng Bo means nourishing body to promote longevity in Chinese and Korean translation.It is formulated with varioys type of fermented mushrooms and other plant based ingredients,promoting balancing of all body systems and bringing the body back to vitality

3g x 30 sachets

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Ayacho Saeng is blended with various fermented superfood from plant sources that are easily digested and absorbed by human body.The distinct characteristic of these ingredients delivers the wholesome goodness the body crave for building a stronger immunity and balancing of all body systems for overall wellbeing.