Looking for the Best Remedy for a Fatty Liver?

Looking for the Best Remedy for a Fatty Liver?

Do you know that too much fat in your liver can cause liver inflammation. Prolonged inflammation can cause scarring even liver failure? Never look down on fatty liver and never thought that fatty liver only attack those who are obese, because IT IS NOT! (of course people who are obese has a greater chance of having fatty liver).

Excuse me ~ Fatty liver does not only happen on people who are fat

Think about it carefully:

Do you drink a cup of teh ice or kopi ice every day?

Do you keep a lot of snacks or dessert in your house and office so that you can take it easily during teatime?

Do you take high carbohydrates meals everyday?

The modern diet and daily routine make up of heavy use of sugars, oil and carbohydrates, which are converted to fat by the body. It will cause build-up of fat within the liver cells. 

So what can you do about it? There is this herbs in Chinese Medicine called Hawthorn. It is a type of sour berry which has been used for centuries in clearing fat in body and for better digestion. TruHerbs Hawthorn Enzyme King is a natural product whereby the combination of Hawthorn and enzyme can both ease the absorption and facilitate the improvement of digestion.

TruHerbs Hawthorn Enzyme King can naturally unblock blood vessels and remove bad oils in the liver. It does not contain hormones or steroid and so it is safe for both adults and kids. Advisable to keep drinking for 30 days to reduce the risk of fatty liver. TruHerbs Hawthorn Enzyme King can reduce fat absorption and is a good medicine for indigestion. it is rich in fiber which can activate gastrointestinal function, and also good for intestinal health and defecation. It can also promote metabolism and make the blood clear~

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