Gifts of Gratitude: Five Recommended Health Supplements for Parents' Day

Gifts of Gratitude: Five Recommended Health Supplements for Parents' Day

Why Gratitude?

Gratitude is a wonderful emotion that makes us realize the selfless efforts and love of those around us. In this fast-paced life, it's easy to overlook everything our elders have done for us. Parent's Day is a special day that reminds us to be grateful for our parents and appreciate everything they do for us.

The Meaning of Gifts

Giving gifts is not just a way to express emotions but also a form of respect and love for our elders. Thoughtfully chosen gifts not only convey our love but also show our care and concern for our elders. On this special day, a healthy gift can further demonstrate our care and value for our elders.

Parent's Day originates from Western culture as a holiday to express emotions towards parents. Its origins can be traced back to 1914 when Anna Jarvis in the USA initiated a gratitude movement for mothers, which gradually evolved into Mother's Day. Father's Day followed suit as a way to express gratitude and respect for fathers. These holidays not only give us the opportunity to be grateful for our parents but also make us realize the importance and warmth of family.

In modern society, with the increasing pace of life and fading interpersonal relationships, many people tend to overlook respect and gratitude towards their elders. Therefore, we need to educate and demonstrate to society the importance of family and the efforts of our elders. By inheriting and promoting traditional holidays, we can help more people understand the path of gratitude and cherish the warmth and love of family.

On the upcoming Parent's Day, we always hope to choose a special gift for our elders to express our love and gratitude towards them. Apart from giving something they like, the most important aspect of gifting is to touch their hearts!

Below are five recommended health supplements to deliver health to our elders' hearts.

1. TruHerbs Hawthorn Enzyme King

TruHerbs Hawthorn Enzyme King uses pure natural medicinal fruit hawthorn fermentation, clinically proven to effectively improve issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Drinking a cup of TruHerbs Hawthorn Enzyme King daily can significantly lower cholesterol levels, reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), and increase good cholesterol (HDL). Each bottle contains natural hawthorn equivalent to 20kg of hawthorn essence, with better effects than regular hawthorn water! Importantly, it undergoes two years of yeast fermentation, making it lower in sugar than others, suitable for seniors and diabetics, safe to consume without worrying about blood sugar spikes.

2. Eu Yan Sang EYS Waist Tonic Essence

The Eu Yan Sang EYS Waist Tonic Essence is refined from premium herbs like ginseng, dang gui, and eucommia bark, rich in nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. By supplementing these nutrients, it enhances the body's immunity and disease resistance, traditionally used to alleviate lower back pain, muscle soreness, and overall strengthening. Ideal for easing the backaches caused by prolonged sitting and fatigue, suitable as a healthy gift for elders or business partners.

3. Niangjia Essence of Chicken

Each pack of Niangjia Essence of Chicken contains 100% pure chicken collagen essence and 18 essential amino acids required for human growth and repair. It uses specially raised Taiwan black-feathered chickens that consume probiotics and grow up listening to classical music. The essence is brewed for 10 hours without refluxing steam, ensuring zero nutrient dilution. This zero-fat, zero-cholesterol health supplement not only provides refreshing energy, vitality, and beauty but also delivers the delicious taste reminiscent of homemade chicken soup, making Nian Jia a representative of Taiwanese chicken essence.

4. RH Stingless Bee Honey

RH Stingless Bee Hone is renowned for its high medicinal value and is classified by the agricultural bureau as Malaysia's first superfood. Its honey yield is only 300-500g per month, making it precious and rare with nutritional value ten times that of regular honey! It contains 180+ active nutrients, especially strong in probiotics, four times more than regular honey. Suitable for elders who are sensitive to sugar or diabetics, it has a unique taste with natural floral, fruity, sweetness, and a hint of acidity.

5. Dodum Korean Red Dates Juice

Dodum Korean Red Dates Juice is traditionally brewed to preserve the natural nutrients of red dates, known as the secret to traditional Korean nourishment and beauty. Each pack is equivalent to 250g of red dates, concentrated and delicious, guaranteed without preservatives, colorings, sugars, or flavorings. Suitable for female elders with cold hands and feet, poor blood circulation, fatigue, poor complexion, post-menstrual fatigue, and poor sleep quality.

On this Parent's Day, choose a healthy and warm wellness gift to let our elders feel your deep affection, convey your intentions, and express gratitude!

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