3 tips to teach you how to tell the difference of Pure Honey and Not Pure Honey

3 tips to teach you how to tell the difference of Pure Honey and Not Pure Honey

There are thousands of honeys on the market, and you are most afraid of buying honey mixed with sugar. Want to know if you are drinking 100% pure natural honey?

3 tips to teach you how to tell the difference

Method 1 - The taste of pure natural honey will have a faint floral fragrance, while impure honey will have no floral fragrance and an unnatural smell.

Method 2 - Add honey to water with bubbles and shake it. If fine bubbles appear on the upper layer and do not dissipate for a long time, it means that the probability of "pure honey" is high, because honey is rich in amylase and protein, amino acids, and biological enzymes. Dissolving in water and shaking will release the active substance, resulting in a noticeable foam. If the foam disappears quickly within a few seconds, it may be honey blended with added flavors, thickeners, etc.

Method 3 - Transparency Pure natural honey will appear cloudy under light because it contains pollen, while honey made from most artificial syrups looks clearer because there is no pollen.

So, have you heard of stingless bee?

The stingless bee is the smallest bee in our country.

Stingless bee honey is made by stinglesss bees going deep into tree trunks and flower cores. The honey it picks will be purer than ordinary honey. 1 jar of stingless honey = 10 bottles of ordinary honey

Stingless bee honey is known for its high medicinal value and has been listed as the first superfood by the Malaysian Agriculture Department after research. Contains more than 180+ kinds of active nutrients, 10 times the high antioxidant ingredients, as well as trace elements, protein-like, etc., with high nutritional value, its #nutritive value is 10 times that of ordinary honey!

Stingless bee honey has a unique taste.

It is not bland sweet, but has a natural floral, fruity, sweet, and slightly sour flavor. This is not because its quality is bad, it is because of its natural fermentation that the enzyme content is higher than that of ordinary honey. This taste is not so easy. It can be faked

Unlike other bees brewing honey, the honey of the silver bee is stored in a propolis tank.

Therefore, the unique nutrients and beneficial antibacterial components of propolis are gradually integrated into the honey during the natural fermentation process. It is rich in high antioxidants, strong Important cause of antibacterial phenolic acids.

Stingless bee honey is rich in lactic acid bacteria, which is 4 times that of ordinary honey. Lactic acid bacteria regulate the normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby improving gastrointestinal function, improving food digestibility, controlling endotoxin, inhibiting the growth of spoilage bacteria in the intestine, and improving immunity.

Honey production is only 300-500g Per Month

The monthly honey production is only 300-500g, but the precious and rare honey source has incredible nutritional value. There are also many stingless bee honeys on the market. 

Rh Wellness is One of the largest stingless bee breeding farm in the country

At 900 feet above sea level, deep in the tropical rainforest, the honeycomb is reared in the rainforest not polluted by urbanization. stingless bees Honeycomb is placed in the biodiversity of tropical rainforest and the rich Mazhan acacia and eucalyptus forest. They provide stingless bees with a natural and rich source of nectar throughout the year, which is the foundation and guarantee of our premium wild silver honey, propolis and bee pollen.

The beekeepers will harvest from the honeycomb, and then go through simple physical filtration and sterilization in the factory. Finally, the moisture content of the bee honey is reduced from 30% to 24% by using low temperature to prevent continuous fermentation and to preserve the original flavor. The honey produced is more pure, mature and concentrated.

Rh wellness is committed to providing high quality and most natural silver bee products, and has obtained #FoodSafety Accountability Industry Certification (MeSTI) and Halal certification.

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